hello again, remember me?

General Pants top, Unknown skirt (can't remember and I've cut off the tags, but try Otto Mode or August the Label), DSW Warehouse heels, Collette by Collette Hayman earrings, Funkis handbag, Daniel Wellington watch

I am a terrible person who is a so called blogger who obviously does not blog. What is wrong with me?? Something I love doing so much continually gets pushed to the side *tears* as I am unfortunately one busy lady these days.

Quick update- I've moved into college and have started uni (and it is all going brilliantly, especially college, like I cannot describe how happy I am to be here surrounded by one huge happy family, naws cheesy I know but true), I now kinda have to do homework and study which is a pain the a$$, I now have a fringe so no more forehead action and I'm la la loving it (check the insta for piccies), I have had NO time to take photos and it honestly breaks my heart but hopefully this weekend will give me a few hours to get back out there shooting because there are SOO many cool spots around me now, and I am currently procrastinating finishing off my 15 minute oral for 9am tomorrow morning which I have neither finished, timed or practiced so its a fun night ahead for meeeee.

Not a very exciting update but it feels good to be on this page writing underneath photos I love but never get around to posting but I promise I will get my shiz together and post more- think not just outfits but my film picsss (yes I've been slack but I promise I will update you all soon), my work from uni and just other cool creative stuff. Yayz.

I shall be off to storm through this oral and hopefully I'll see you before 2018 rolls around :))

C x

Lorne on Film

I adore these photos.

They were all taken on a kodak disposable camera at my schoolies trip to Lorne with my best friend Erin. I thought it'd be a great way to document the week and having these candid, blurry, grainy, film photos will be so nice to look back on rather then the usual long forgotten insta uploads or the pics that get lost in the very large camera roll of mine. I also thought it'd be groovy to upload them onto here for you all to see! And to also get the ball rolling with my film series that I talked about in my last blog post. 

Alsoooo... I gotta update you on my exciting newssss. I got into my first preference university course- Design at Melbourne Uni! Anddd, I found out today that I also got into college which is so freaking exciting. I literally found out at work at the till with customers looking at me with tears streaming from happiness and excitement and all my work colleagues looking at me like wtf is going on. 

Nothing normal ever happens to me.

Sooo.. thats what's going to be happening to me in the next few weeks so I just cannot waitttt to get on with this year and all the incredible adventures it'll bring.

I hope you liked these photos and the different kinda blog post :)

Lotsa love,

C x

Fresh Denim and Fresh Starts

Otto Mode top, Topshop jeans, Adidas sneakers, Oscar Wylee glasses

Well, I thought I'd arrive in 2017 on my blog with a bang and do all my cool creative, painting sh*t on my photos, but that ended up being 16 days late ... why can I not get my shit together? Hopeless. However, it's not like I've just been sitting on my arse at home doing sh*t all. In fact I've hardly been home because work has more or less adopted me and taken me and my soul hostage, and then what's left of my time is usually shared amongst my friends. Poor Dad is feeling a bit left out actually.

And YOU guys are probably feeling a little excluded from the whirlwind of the life that Chessie, yours truly, lives. So, an exciting new project that I've set myself for 2017, is to carry a disposable camera around with me where ever I go, so as to document the big, the small and everything in between, and then, of course, post the results of my disposables up on my blog each month in a photo diary type thing. Sounds cool, doesn't it? And I'm freaking excited and hope I don't stuff it up so that my children (i know it's agesss away but I like to think about these things) will one day be able to look through cool, old, grainy, vintage photographs of me and my friends, like I've been doing with all of Mum's old photo albums. I just adore seeing what mischiefs my Mum got up to and there's just something so special and lovely about an old, film photograph. So, thanks Mumma for the inspo, and thank you all for sticking by. Hopefully I'll see you again soon(ish).

C xoxoxoxox