Take me to the 90's

Tobi top (heads up- its currently 50% off), Zara jeans, Thrifted shoes, Mum's vintage earrings and rings

Wahay !! Look at freshlypickked, on this new snazzy platform. I'm super excited to have moved over to squarespace finally. This is only a rough draft website, but as time goes on I'll make changes and amendments where I feel to create a really snazzy, really Chessie, platform !! Woohoo.

I'm throwing it back to the 90s with today's outfit, with the v funky embroidered blue denim jean that's become quite the craze this year. I've been staying away from the boring ol' skinny leg and been living in boyfriend, mom, flares and straight leg cuts because they make any outfit a billion times more interesting and tbh are so much more flattering for my figure (oh and not to mention, so much comfier). The split up the centre also creates a point of difference and looks uber snaz. Oh and did I mention, they were the last pair on the rack at Zara for TWENTY dollars. Unheard of.

To compliment the jeans, I've paired a pretty lil one shoulder silky blouse. It keeps the outfit edgy and sassy, without distracting away from the busy, pweety jeans. Oh and not to mention the 70s and even 90s again, inspired flatform shoes I picked up from the op shop for $5, pulling all the pieces together. 

Yeah I'm not obsessed or anything.

Anyway, I hope life is good for you all, I'm back to college next week which I am SO excited about, I've been missing everyone so so much. Prepare for some more college spam and keep an eye out on my youtube channel- something new coming soon (hint hint cough cough- thrifting).

Lotsa love,

C x

Denim Mania Reaction

Gilly Hicks top (lol it's my PJ top), Country Road pants, Thrifted shirt, Mum's vintage shoes, Kinki Gerlinki belt

Boy does this feel good. I have finally gotten myself here, taken photos and spent the whole afternoon editing, because tbh, I've finished exams and I thought no better way to spend my first day of freedom then to edit snazzy blog post photos all afternoon. I love them all so much, it felt so good to get creative, make them interesting and flaunt my outfit I put together this morning for a cas day but loved it so much I thought 'why the hell not put it on the blog!'. 

Red has definitely been a favourite colour of mine and a colour Mum always reminded me of how good I look in it. Here, its in the details, but I'm slowly building more red pieces into my already overflowing wardrobe. 

As for life in general, its been pretty bloody good to be quite honest with you. College has been so insanely fun, its gonna be so sad not seeing everyone for more then a month over the holidays. So many special friendships I've made and memories I'll never forget. Also living in Melbourne is SO fun, and I'm so lucky to be living in such a funky, inspiring, quirky, interesting and fun filled city. I've spent way too much money on good food, better coffee, op shop clothes, non op shop clothes that I really should't have bought, drinks, uber eats, and god knows what else but the $$$ are no longer piling in my bank account, eek. 

Anyway, I'm gonna stop blabbing, but it feels so good to be back. I'm vlogging my last week here at college too so expect a new youtube vid at the end of the week too!! So much happening, and this time, what I'm about to say is for real.... watch. this. space.

So much love and heaps of hugs,

C x x x